Housekeeping Stakeholders

We have some awesome housekeeping stakeholders that work so hard and keep a smiling face. Elizabeth and Adrian have the most positive attitudes and go out of their way to do anything they can help with! Kudos to the both of them for being who they are and bringing joy to our facility! Thanks a bunch! We love you guys.

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Co-ed Nails

We have a nail day every Wednesday, and we decided to change the name to “Co-ed Nails”. Ever since, we have had more men partake in getting their nails done. It is difficult to get men to participate in much so its a win for us! Come on in and join us, we would be glad to accommodate!



A+ Survey

We did it! The State Survey read us the results of their four day, intensive, nerve needling, annual investigation today. According to some “old hands” in this business we had an “A+” survey. That’s right, A+! We haven’t seen results like this since Lincoln was barefoot. We were elated. Thrilled. All the hard work payed off and we clapped, smiled, laughed, danced, hugged and cried. Sandra Gant, our administrator, said as she tried to catch her breath from all the excitement, “This is simply amazing, incredible, beyond my dreams. We are blessed here at Signature HealthCARE of Gainesville to have the team that we deserve, the team that can launch us to the stars!”. Jennifer, our DON, said, “We are back!”. Just look at the pictures of those who made it happen. The future definitely belongs to these good stakeholders and the residents they love at Signature HealthCARE of Gainesville. Just watch this beautiful home soar!

What a Firecracker!

LaTonya Williams is a force of nature. As President of our Resident Council, she lives to care for “her residents” and to “assist nurses and CNAs with their work”. This president is buzzing down the hall all day long making sure that the residents are as happy as puppies, all the while striving to become the best Resident Council President ever. She has made a big difference in the lives of all of us. LaTonya says of herself that she is “outspoken” and we all think that that is a good thing. She loves all kinds of music and is proud to call herself a “Christian woman”. LaTonya is a big part of why Signature HealthCARE of Gainesville is on the ascendancy.

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John & Larry On The Air

Our informational, occasional radio show is a morning melange of jokes. Today’s menu includes: activities du jour, a prize give away, John slappin’ the spoons, a duet, super stakeholder recognitions, a good old school soul tune, inspiration, and advice. We have fun and our two to three daily listeners can’t seem live without us. Once in a while a resident joins us for the broadcast “fun n’ games”. Honestly, our nursing home is an exciting place to work and live, so come on by and see for yourself! You might even get on our daily radio show and become a star.

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Sugar, Sugar

It’s our passion to help our residents keep up domestic tasks like baking cookies as they use to do at home. This is especially important on National Sugar cookie day! They mixed up a batch or two and sent the aroma of fresh cookies through out the facility! What a delight it was.

Sarah’s Smashing Success

“I am honored to be one of the CNA’s because they are the heart and soul of our home”, said Sarah Vessel our current Quality of Life Assistant. She passed the exam yesterday and it couldn’t have happened to a better human. Sarah is more cheerful than a morning songbird and we can’t find a soul who does not love her. She makes each person feel as valuable as a gold bullion bar. Sarah likes to cook, travel, and help her family and church. If there is a front row in Heaven, she will be seated there. I will walk to her from my row 7,890 and shake her hand. She can’t wait to put her new CNA skills into practice. Congratulations, Sarah, for passing the test yesterday! Sarah, you have upgraded an already rising nursing home. She is so excited, and I mean really excited, to start her new job!

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We’re Simply The Best!

Signature HealthCARE of Gainesville has food so good and delicious that “it will make a rabbit slap a bull dog”, as they say in the South. This team is “Simply The Best”. They laugh, work, and enjoy being together. It has been said that we have the most scrumptious meals of any nursing home in North Florida. Come by for a sample!

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A Leader Among Leaders

While interviewing Brittany in the hallway, a busy nurse breezed past us and said, “We just love and adore her!” – this was an unsolicited comment. This complement must have just dropped fresh from Heaven, it was surprising! Brittany Barritta, is our cool and calm MDS Coordinator and when you walk into her office it is like walking into a dessert oasis on a torrid day. It is all peace and renewal. Sometimes, I just walk into her office just to sit and soothe my frazzled nerves. Brittany is a leader among leaders who never raises her voice or uses her power for the wrong reasons. She is a design, decor, and fashion maven, and she loves sharing her vision on Pintrest. The theme of her life is “treat others as you want to be treated”. Thing is, she means it and lives it everyday! Even though she has the tasks of Hercules to accomplish daily, she always takes time to chat with our residents. It is without a shadow of a doubt that Brittany is a major reason that Signature HealthCARE of Gainesville is experiencing a breath-taking renaissance.

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Caring For Residents & Our Earth

Jacob Levite, our Plant Operations Assistant, is nothing if not passionate about this planet and his passion is contagious. His love for this fragile planet begins at home where he combs our nursing home grounds clean as a brand new toothbrush. No question about it; we have the cleanest grounds in the entire Company. He is also the founder of “Climbing Jacob’s Ladder”, an environmental initiative focused on saving the planet. His team create posters, print t-shirts, write fliers and takes the message to the streets, especially downtown Gainesville, near U of F. Jacob wants to create a “great awareness” of even the little things that we do, or forget to do from day to day that may add up to rescue our beautiful world. He even convinced me to do a better job with my recycling at home. Jacob is living proof that we have exceptional, caring, stakeholders in our Signature Family. Great souls who have a bigger vision not just for our homes but for our bigger home, the world. You go, Jacob!. Lead the way!

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