Two Excellent Grades in a Row

The Federal government showed up at our door for a review of last month’s state survey as mandated by Congress. But, we were ready, strong, confident, and itching for a chance to show off our fresh new look and attitude. And as always, we made sure that we put our best foot forward and made sure that that shoe was spit-polished. We came out of Federal survey with a bright, new surge of confidence. As a matter of fact, the Federal survey concluded finding no deficiencies on our part. That is Zero with a capital “Z”. Nada. Zippo. Image, all the thousands of moving parts it takes to run Signature HealthCARE of Gainesville and we were found to be well oiled and humming along just nicely, thank you ma’am. We were given top honors. Couldn’t be prouder! We are all proud and happy, summed up best by our bold leader Sandra Gant who said, “I am so proud of my team and the accomplishments that we have made in such a short time. I couldn’t be happier with these results.”
Signature HealthCARE of Gainesville on the rise!